Yuan Haowen 元好問. Xu Yijianzhi 續夷堅誌. Vol. 2.26.


There is a military assistant whose surname was Liu of Qizhou Prefecture. In the early time of Zhenyou era (1213-1217 C.E), he heard that there was a military troop coming from Shuofang. His whole family then chanted the Marici spell. When his prefecture was occupied by the enemy, twenty-five members of his family avoided from this disaster. Only one servant did not believe the spell and was about to be besieged in the city; then he started to chant the spell. Four or five days after being captured, he escaped. When the court moved to the south, the servant lived in Yongning and he chanted this Marici spell. Literati XueManqin recorded this story.

song dynasty military
Daozang. Vol 1, 872.

在昔龍漢有一國王, 其名周禦, 聖德無邊, 時人票受八萬四韆大劫. 王有玉妃, 明哲慈慧, 號曰紫光夫人, 誓塵劫中已發至願, 願生聖子, 輔佐乾坤...遊戲後苑. 至金蓮花溫玉池邊, 脫服澡盅, 忽有所感, 蓮花九苞應時開發, 化生九子。

There was once a king in Longhan named Zhouyu. He had unlimited sagely morality. People at that time had to suffer from eighty-four thousand kalpas. He had a jade concubine, who was wise and benevolent. She was called the Lady of the Purple Radiance, and made a promise to give birth to sagely sons to support the Heaven and Earth...She played in the courtyard, facing the jade pond of golden lotus and took off her clothes to take a bath. Suddenly she had a feeling, and the nine buds of lotus bloomed and became the nine sons.

daoism dragon
女戒:婦行 by 班昭


There are four main types of women’s comportment: the first is wifely virtue; the second,
wifely speech; the third, wifely appearance; the fourthly, wifely work.
Wifely virtue doesn’t mean you have to be exceptionally talented and bright; wifely speech doesn’t mean you haveto be quick-minded and eloquent;
wifely appearance doesn’t mean you have to look beautiful and stunning; wifely work doesn’t mean you have to be more skillful than anyone else.

morality woman
和婕妤怨 by 劉令嫻

日落應門閉, 愁思百端生。
況復昭陽近, 風傳歌吹聲。
寵移終不恨, 讒枉太無情。
隻言爭分理, 非妬舞腰輕。

The sun has set, the gate is surely closed, And sorrowful thoughts rise in a hundred ways.
The more so as the emperor’s palace is so near: The breeze carries the sounds of song and music!
I do not hate him for his change of heart, But that false slander was simply too cruel:
I could only appeal to principle in my defense — I am not jealous of her waist, however slim.

concubine ban poetry lament
班婕妤怨 by 劉孝綽

應門寂已閉, 非復後庭時。
況在青春日, 萋萋綠草滋。
妾身似鞦扇, 君恩絕履綦。
詎憶遊輕輦, 從今賤妾辭。

Inside the locked gate, silence reigns— It is not the Inner Palace anymore. Not only that, it now is verdant spring. In the southern dyansties, women from elite family had greater freedom of action. And the grasses presently grow lush and green.
I may be likened to a fan in autumn, Since you no longer deign to visit me.
Who still remembers how this humble maid refused to ridewith You in Your conveyance? From now on, your humble concubine will bid a farewell to you.

lament poetry concubine ban
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