班婕妤 by 蕭繹





When Concubine Ban are first selected into the palace, she gets into the good graces towards the silk curtains. How to talk about the favor of Feiyan, the moss grows on the jade stairs.
Who knows the affection when she refuses to share the chariot with the emperor, then she made the poem of the broken silk.
Using this to console her loneliness. Eventually there is nothing like the sadness of Changxin Palace.

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班婕妤·婕妤去辭寵 by 陸機


The Concubine resigned from the emperor’s favor, crying but refuse to stay and see the emperor again. Attach her love on the jade stairs, leave wish only on the round fan. The spring moss grows on the dark stairs, the autumn grass overgrow the high palace. The nightfall comes and the footsteps are gone , the melancholy comes and the tears drop on the face.

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怨歌行 by 班婕妤


Newly-cut white silken gauze from Qi, as fresh and pure as frost or snow. Was made into a double-pleasure fan, as perfectly round as the fullest moon! Inside and out you take me with you, you wave me: I stir up a gentle breeze. But how I fear that when the fall arrives and chill wind steal away the summer heat. I will be discarded, stored away in a box, and your love for me broken off midway!

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Taishō Shinshū Daizōkyo. Vol. 21. 262-263.

身如黃金色,作童女相,掛青天衣,手執蓮花,頂戴寶塔莊嚴。行人先作觀想,想彼摩裏支菩薩坐金色豬,身之上,身著白衣,頂戴寶塔,左手執無憂樹花枝,復有群豬圍繞…….作忿怒相有三麵, 麵有三目一作豬麵利牙外齣......臂有其八

Her body is in golden color and appears like a maiden. She wears clothes in sky blue and holds lotus flower in her hands. She wears the pagoda on her head. People imagine that Marici Bodhisattva sits on a golden pig, wearing white clothes and a pagoda on her head. In her left hand she holds a branch of Saraca and surrounded by a herd of pigs. She has three angry faces with three eyes each. On face is a pig’s face with sharp teeth showing out.

Fo Dao tuwen bei 佛道图文碑


Engraved by An Renzuo. Written by Yuan Zhengji of Ru’nan County. Assisted by Fan bothers: Fan Youyong, Fan Yousui. Sponsored by Liu Zhina, the former Prefectural Judge of Military Commissioner. Portrayed by Li Fenggui. Established by Xu Zhishun in 968 C.E. This Sutra would be circulated perpetually in Imperial College.

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