Taishō Shinshū Daizōkyō. Vol.21. 1255b.

刻作摩利支菩薩像, 如天女形可長半寸. 或一寸二寸已下. 於蓮花上或立或坐. 頭冠瓔珞種種莊嚴極令端正. 左手把天扇. 其扇如維摩詰前天女扇. 右手垂下揚掌向外. 展五指作與願勢. 有二天女各執白拂侍立左右.

Carving a sculpture of Marici Bodhisattva, the form as a heavenly goddess could be half a chi long or one to two chi long. She either sits or stands on the lotus. All types of coronet, jade and pearl necklace should be extremely solemn and decorous. The fan holding in her left hand should look like the fan used by the goddess of Vimalakirti. The right hand faces down with five fingers upright as Varada Mudrā (generosity gesture). There were two goddesses holding white whisks stand behind Marici at left and right. Once this sculpture ismade, put it on your head or arm, or put it inside of your clothes.

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Taishō Shinshū Daizōkyō. Vol.21. 1255b.

以金银白檀等刻作菩萨像, 如天女形, 长半寸或一寸, 或带于顶上, 或置于衣中, 不逢灾 难. 于怨家处决定得胜, 鬼神恶人无能得便.

Using gold, silver and white sandalwood to build the sculptures of Bodhisattva (Marici), shaping like a goddess from heaven, half a chi or a chi long. Either put it on your hat or inside of your clothes, and you will be able to avoid of disasters. At the enemy’s realm she can decide to win or lose. The ghost and evil persons cannot have their convenience.

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