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Daozang. Vol 1, 872.

在昔龍漢有一國王, 其名周禦, 聖德無邊, 時人票受八萬四韆大劫. 王有玉妃, 明哲慈慧, 號曰紫光夫人, 誓塵劫中已發至願, 願生聖子, 輔佐乾坤...遊戲後苑. 至金蓮花溫玉池邊, 脫服澡盅, 忽有所感, 蓮花九苞應時開發, 化生九子。

There was once a king in Longhan named Zhouyu. He had unlimited sagely morality. People at that time had to suffer from eighty-four thousand kalpas. He had a jade concubine, who was wise and benevolent. She was called the Lady of the Purple Radiance, and made a promise to give birth to sagely sons to support the Heaven and Earth...She played in the courtyard, facing the jade pond of golden lotus and took off her clothes to take a bath. Suddenly she had a feeling, and the nine buds of lotus bloomed and became the nine sons.

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Taishō Shinshū Daizōkyo. Vol. 21. 262-263.

身如黃金色,作童女相,掛青天衣,手執蓮花,頂戴寶塔莊嚴。行人先作觀想,想彼摩裏支菩薩坐金色豬,身之上,身著白衣,頂戴寶塔,左手執無憂樹花枝,復有群豬圍繞…….作忿怒相有三麵, 麵有三目一作豬麵利牙外齣......臂有其八

Her body is in golden color and appears like a maiden. She wears clothes in sky blue and holds lotus flower in her hands. She wears the pagoda on her head. People imagine that Marici Bodhisattva sits on a golden pig, wearing white clothes and a pagoda on her head. In her left hand she holds a branch of Saraca and surrounded by a herd of pigs. She has three angry faces with three eyes each. On face is a pig’s face with sharp teeth showing out.