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Yuan Haowen 元好問. Xu Yijianzhi 續夷堅誌. Vol. 2.26.


There is a military assistant whose surname was Liu of Qizhou Prefecture. In the early time of Zhenyou era (1213-1217 C.E), he heard that there was a military troop coming from Shuofang. His whole family then chanted the Marici spell. When his prefecture was occupied by the enemy, twenty-five members of his family avoided from this disaster. Only one servant did not believe the spell and was about to be besieged in the city; then he started to chant the spell. Four or five days after being captured, he escaped. When the court moved to the south, the servant lived in Yongning and he chanted this Marici spell. Literati XueManqin recorded this story.

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